Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Bastei. Or back to the summer days.

I like to take pictures when I travel. But I don't have enough time to place them to the blog or just to my computer from my camera.
Today, I realized that no one has seen pictures from our weekend in Bastei.
It is such a beautiful place to visit. Fresh air, rocks, stones, woods and freedom.

Some facts about Bastei from wiki)):
The Bastei is a spectacular rock formation towering 194 metres above the Elbe River in the Elbe Sandstone Mountains of Germany. Reaching the height of 305 metres above the sea level, the jagged rocks of Bastei were formed by water erosion over one million years ago. They are situated near Rathen, not far from Pirna south-east of the city of Dresden and are the major landmark of the Saxon Switzerland National Park. They are also part of a climbing and hiking area that extends over the borders into the Czech Republic and Bohemian Switzerland...

But I am not a wiki at all, so, I'll  just show some pictures of the lovely place.
Going up

Bastei Bridge


  1. Stunning! I added it to the 'Wish to go one day' list of mine! Thank you for sharing.

  2. So lovely place! I wish I visited it :)