Thursday, November 8, 2012

DIY. Stopper socks.

I have a really big problem to find clothes for my youngest son. 
Even stopper socks are a problem. They always get loss or don't keep his feet warm. 
And I want them to be eco-friendly and from 100% natural materials. 
I decided to make socks myself. I crocheted wool socks and made non-slip soles for them. 

How to make a non-slip sole for socks.

Take socks, a small piece of suede or leather, scissors, pins, paper and insole from matching shoes

Circle insole and cut the stencil. You will need  it for cutting of two suede soles

Attach the soles to the socks with help of pins.

 Sew the soles to the socks. 

Very soft, warm slippers are ready


  1. nice idea - I am planning to knit the socks for my children, and I was looking for such solution.
    Lovely leg on the last picture :)

  2. These are so adorable!! So so cute.

    <3 Melissa